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Ranch Shooting Preserve Hunting License

Running Creek Ranch is a Mississippi Shooting Preserve.

To Purchase a Mississippi Hunting License or Permit:



Children at least 12 years of age and under 16 years of age may hunt without a hunter education certificate as long as they are under the direct supervision of a licensed or exempt hunter at least 21 years of age.


Non-Residents must  purchase a Shooting Preserve License ($14) or a Small Game Hunting License ($99), which is valid only for preserve game, not wild game. This permit is good for the entire shooting preserve season.

Non – residents hunting wild game on a shooting preserve must purchase a non-resident 7 Day Small Game Hunting License ($42) for hunting all game and fowl, excluding deer and turkey.

An Electronic State and a Federal Waterfowl Stamp ($21) is required with all licenses above when hunting waterfowl.


Residents must purchase a Small Game Hunting/Freshwater Fishing License ($12)

An Electronic State and a Federal Waterfowl Stamp ($21) is required with all licenses above when hunting waterfowl.

Hunting License Requirements

All persons born on or after January 1, 1972, must satisfactorily complete a hunter education course approved by the Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks before purchasing a Mississippi hunting license. We offer this course at no additional charge to our guests. However, you must inform us of how many hunters in your party will need to complete the course when making your reservation request so that we can allow time to complete the course before your first hunt.

*NOTE: If required, you will not be able to purchase a hunting license online without this certification. After completion of the course, we will need to go online to purchase your license. Please be sure to bring all required documentation.

Resident – Each resident of the State of Mississippi ages sixteen (16) through sixty-four (64), must obtain a hunting license, except while hunting on lands titled in his name. Any person sixty-five (65) or older, or any person otherwise exempted from obtaining a hunting license, must have documentation with him/her at all times while hunting as described in MS Code 49-7-5.

Non-Resident – All non- resident hunters, except minors under the age of sixteen (16), are required to obtain a hunting license while hunting in the State of Mississippi.