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The Ranch

Running Creek Ranch is a full-time, Black Angus cattle operation with ranches in southeast Mississippi and Louisiana. Significantly, the ranch raises its own corn, milo, millet, wheat, and soybean, a fact that tremendously contributes to the propagation of quail and pheasant on the Ranch. These small grain crops, along with the high rolling grass pastures, hardwood bottomland, upland timber tracts, and clear “running creeks,” is the formula for a fantastic hunt, breathtaking views of the ranchland, and an opportunity to enjoy the company of your hunting buddies in the real sport of kings, upland wing shooting.

Wingshooting or “bird hunting” as it is affectionately called in the Deep South, is a southern family tradition that brings together friends and family from the first cool, crisp days of fall to the end of winter. No other sporting hunt has these important bonding qualities. The Ranch caters to individuals, social groups, corporate client entertainment or families. Please join us for a hunting experience like no other.

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